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Project: KOMOA

Concept study for a Mobility Observatory Austria on behalf of the BMK

The Austrian Ministry of Climate Protection (BMK) commissioned a consortium of established institutions in the field of mobility research and application, led by the University of Salzburg, to conduct a concept study for the planned establishment of a Mobility Observatory Austria (MOA). An MOA enables comprehensive, continuous monitoring of the mobility system on the basis of various data sources.

The published concept study details the following results, among others:

  • The greatest need for an MOA was identified in the areas of research, administration and planning.
  • The success of an MOA depends on clearly defined roles and tasks as well as suitable technical, organizational, legal and technological framework conditions.
  • The MOA should not be another data platform, but should provide mobility indicators.
  • An MOA is to be understood as a public infrastructure and should therefore be operated by public institutions.
  • The technical implementation of an MOA must be open and flexible in order to generate long-term added value.