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Project: PRIMA

Room types for on-demand traffic

The aim of the “PRIMA” project is to create a planning basis for area-specific, integrated mobility offers in on-demand transport.
As part of the project, a possible procedure for the systematic interaction of public transport and on-demand transport is being developed, whereby existing initiatives with relevance for an area-wide mobility guarantee (public transport quality classes,, etc.) are docked on to. Based on different characteristics, spatial types for on-demand transport are defined in order to show where which services have a high potential to improve the existing public transport service as an economical and attractive solution. The complex implementation framework also plays an important role here: the legal environment in which micro-public transport or on-demand transport is to be embedded, responsibilities and proposals for the coordination of services in comparable spatial types are to be taken into account.

GIS-supported modelling with spatial data will be used to create evidence-based planning principles and visualize where there is demand and potential for on-demand transport. Finally, the developed concepts and modeling will be applied to test regions in the application area of the Salzburg Transport Association and recommendations for action will be derived for differently structured spatial types.