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Project: Sharing Hubs

Sharing hubs as drivers of shared (e-)mobility

The aim of the “Sharing Hubs” project is to support municipalities, operators, project sponsors and property developers in the development, planning and implementation of sharing hubs and thus to promote the sustainable shift of journeys to eco-mobility in Austria. Sharing hubs are characterized by the combination of vehicle sharing with the sharing or multiple use of parking spaces, which are organized centrally and in a condensed form in suitable business models at suitable locations.

The goal of comprehensive availability of sharing solutions in existing residential areas and in business and commercial areas – with differentiated service quality – can be achieved through spatially adapted solutions. The project is developing a basis for dimensioning the number, distribution and density of neighborhood hubs and putting them on a sustainable, economically viable footing. This should make it much easier to plan and implement tailor-made solutions for sharing hubs in the future. Barrier-free, inclusive design and offers for diverse user groups should be taken into account, as should a sustainable energy supply.
The planning tool developed in the “Sharing Hubs” project will undergo practical testing in pilot areas in the city of Salzburg and the Rhine Valley in Vorarlberg and the findings will be used for further development.