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Project: Transformator:in

Lead project for the transformation of public mobility spaces

The aim of the “transformator:in” flagship project is to further develop spatial structures to strengthen sustainable mobility and ensure the quality of life and location throughout Austria. Innovative solutions for the transformation of public mobility spaces are initialized, developed, researched and demonstrated as part of the lead project. The pilot regions are Vienna, Graz (urban hotspots, “super neighborhoods”), Langenlois (Lower Austria), Deutschkreutz (BGL), St.Gallenkirch (VBG) (multimodal hubs) and St.Pölten, Salzburg (axes of active mobility).

The Salzburg pilot project aims to show how innovative data bases and spatial simulations can be used to initiate the transformation of mobility areas.
In the commercially dominated Salzburg pilot district of Schallmoos, the urgent challenges of the mobility transition can be observed (separation of residential and commercial uses, many commuters, long distances, great dependence on motor vehicles and corresponding prioritization of traffic areas), while at the same time offering extensive restructuring potential. Innovative data and spatial simulations are needed to initiate a transformation to a traffic-efficient land use concept. Urban planning, design and social aspects will be integrated into the design of active mobility axes.