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Project: ZeroFlex

Projekt ZeroFlex – Flexibler Mobilitätspunkt als Baustein zur Klimaneutralität

The aim of the „ZeroFlex“ research project is to systematize the subject of mobility stations, make it affordable and thus raise it to a new level – both at the level of the individual mobility station and at the level of a system innovation as an integrative overall offer across all stations. The modular design of the ZeroFlex stations, including the cooperation system among all operators, enables optimal adaptation to the respective regional needs and potentials and thus also a significant improvement in accessibility to the transport system. This is the only way to make a significant contribution to the climate targets in the area of transport and mobility and to achieving climate neutrality.

ZeroFlex also aims to turn every station into a valid business case, as this is essential for the rapid spread of mobility stations – only then will it be interesting for customers such as local authorities, companies, tourism businesses, etc. to invest in them on a broad scale. ZeroFlex comprises an innovative technology development with a timely implementation and value creation perspective for Austria, as all central components (including the vehicles) are produced in Austria and come from a single source.